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Today, he's going to give us tips on how we can exponentially grow our business and how to stay top of mind. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. In this episode, Thora will give us the inside scoop on the design trends for 2020 and how we should remodel our flips. with Matthew Sullivan, Matthew is the CEO of QuantumRE, a home equity investment platform that unlocks homeowner's equity without requiring them to take on more debt. In this episode, we’ll be diving deep into opportunity zone investments. Adam is hosting a special event in October to teach you how to raise funds for your deals. 15 - Strategies to Follow in a Down Market. 196 - Providing Turn Key Solutions To Busy Professionals Xander Cruz. We’ll be going over how to start investing in real estate with little or no money and what you should learn when you’re just getting started. Listen to this episode to hear some of the horror stories he's seen on the job and some tips on what to look for when looking for properties! Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/passive-tax-efficient-income-alex-kholodenko/, 109 - How To Consistently Generate Leads for Your Real Estate Business with Ty Leon-Guerrero, Ty is a Broker and wholesaler in the Bay Area who’s been in the business for over 2 decades. http://letsstageit.com/, 39 - How to Cash Flow in the Bay Area with Airbnb and Short Term Rentals with Evan Huynh, Evan is a real estate agent and investor in the Bay Area. Through persistence and the power of broke, he came up from humble beginnings and now runs an inc 100 company! The ABCs of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets of Finding Hidden Profits Most Investors Miss (Rich Dad's Advisors (Paperback)), What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow... And 36 Other Key Financial Measures, Updated Edition. He'll be sharing his story of how he got into the hotel space and how he was able to leverage partnerships to do larger deals. Learning how to leverage other people’s time and talent allows you to spend more time doing the activities that matter. Find out how we made $300,000 on our first real estate deal. He does private money lending, sells turn key properties, and is a partner of a group that owns over 700 single family homes in the Midwest. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. 21 - How to Make a Real Estate Empire at 23 with Sean Caligagan. What do you do if you want to buy rental properties, but can't qualify for a conventional loan because you're an entrepreneur, recently switched careers, or already have too many loans? Show Notes:https://everythingrei.com/114---purchasing-properties-out-of-state-through-auction-to-boost-your-returns---naya-zhao/, 113 - From $7 To $326 Million In Real Estate Assets with Vinney Chopra, Vinney is a multifamily investor here in the Bay Area who started his journey from 7 dollars in his pocket to owning over $326 million in assets! Nan is a real estate investor based in the Bay Area, who has created multiple streams of revenue through his business partnerships in Sacramento. She’s an amazing individual, and I think we all have a lot to learn from her. Sharon is the founder of Digital Nomad Quest where she teaches people how to become financially free and to design their best lives. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/multifamily-syndication-cherry-chen/, 174 - How To Start Your Real Estate Investing Empire with Dwan Bent-Twyford, Dwan is a real estate investor who has done thousands of deals. In this episode, you’ll learn what it takes to create short term rentals in the Bay Area as well as what to look out for when getting into this business. We're in the last week of the decade! 6 - How to Live for FREE and Get RICH at the Same Time! Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/jack-bosch-flip-land-low-risk/, 165 - How To Sell $50 Million Luxury Real Estate In New York with Shaun Osher, Shaun is the founder of CORE, the number one boutique real estate marketing and sales company in New York with over $6 billion in sales. She’s incredibly inspiring and I hope you enjoy this podcast! Try not to let either affect you too much. If you want to learn how to invest out of state with scale than you need to listen to this episode! We’re going to discuss how you can build your real estate portfolio one rental at a time, with as little as 20 minutes per day. can make you or break you, you've put yourself in an overly vulnerable position. Discover how you can create multi-generational wealth with actionable steps that will enable you to have the time and freedom to do what you love and to live your best life. J is also the host of the SF Bay Summit where he will have some of the top investors presenting and sharing their ideas. John is a mortgage broker with Motto Mortgage Experience, and gives us a deep dive into his world and explains how the loan process works as well as how the loan pricing works. Learn how we partnered with the seller to guarantee profit and increase our returns! Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/zachary-beach---closing-100's-of-investment-deals-before-age-30/, 142 - 2020 Bay Area Real Estate Design Trends with Thora Tam, Thora is an interior designer and stager with 365 Staging in San Jose. In this episode, we’ll go over tips on how you can use LinkedIn to boost your business and do more deals. Please try your request again later. Sean Caligagan is a young real estate investor in the Bay Area and has managed to create a team of virtual assistants to help him grow his business. Prepare to take a lot of notes! He's hosted conferences, wrote one of the best books about apartment syndications, and has interviewed more real estate investors than anyone else in the world. Working with the right people can mean the difference between succeeding with monthly cashflow or failing and never wanting to buy another property again. 2. 2 - How to Drastically Increase Returns and Quickly Gain Experience with Less Money! She started investing in Stockton California in 2003 and from that time, has done over 500 flips. In this episode, Antoine will tell us how to create our own turnkey operation as well as the challenges involved with it. Michael Zuber, One Rental at a Time: After a 15 Year Journey to Financial Independence I have decided to stop working a 9-5 job and instead focus on helping people start their own journey. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/115---how-to-get-top-dollar-in-a-shifting-market-with-amanda-vang/, 114 - Purchasing Properties Out Of State Through Auction To Boost Your Returns with Naya Zhao, Naya is an investor in the Bay Area and was featured back on episode 75, where she talked about asset protection. If you’re interested in purchasing short term out of state rental properties to boost your income, then you need to listen to this episode. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/aakash-prasad-post-covid/, 162 - How To Get A Home Loan In 2020 With John Kim, In this episode, you'll learn about the different loan programs to purchase your first real estate property. https://everythingrei.com/1031-exchange-dave-foster/, 160 - From Techie To Real Estate Professional In Seattle with Adrian Chu, Today we have Adrian Chu, a real estate broker and investor based in Seattle. Mike does an excelent job of laying out a plan that takes into account a practical approach to finacial freedom for the working professional. Be SMART GREEDY, not dumb greedy. Some of these are limited to owner-occupied properties, but they can be used for a potential house hack! Grandelectric.us, 30 - The Fastest Way to Investing Success with Raul Luna, Raul is a multiple seven figures investor, meetup leader, owner of Properties 180 and levelupnowacademy. Register for the event at aba.link/naya Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/125---how-title-insurance-and-escrow-works-with-jack-lin/, 124 - How To Create a Seven Figures Real Estate Investing Business In the Bay Area Using Virtual Assistants with Juan Diaz, Juan is a real estate investor in the Bay Area and on this episode, he’ll share how to hire the right team members to run a fully independent real estate business. In this episode, Linying will tell us how to invest in apartment buildings to achieve financial freedom and how to work with syndicators to become a passive investor. In this episode, I'll be announcing a change in the pace of my program as well as what the show will look like in the future. One Rental at a Time: The Journey to Financial Independence through Real Estate Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Michael Zuber (Author, Publisher), Rob Drex (Narrator) 4.8 out of 5 stars 359 ratings See all formats and editions Today I’m going to post my interview with AJ Osborne on his show Cashflow2Freedom. https://everythingrei.com/john-kim-home-loans/, 161 - What You Don't Know About The 1031 Exchange with Dave Foster, Today we have Dave Foster who is a 1031 exchange intermediary. In this episode, Isaac will show us how he runs his real estate investing business with his family and what they do to make it successful. 24 - How to Run A Six-Figure Airbnb Business While Traveling the World with J Martin! In the past year, they’ve helped homeowners buy and sell over $75 million worth of real estate and in this episode, they’ll give us tips on what we can do to dominate the Bay Area real estate market. It … If you’re interested in getting a hard money loan with Conventus, be sure to stay until the end to see how you can save $1000 off of your next origination fee! And when there's a deal, I'm like a shark, like a bulldog. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/129-how-hemlane-is-bringing-property-management-to-the-21st-century-with-dana-dunford/, 128 - How To Work With Your Landlord To Pay Less Rent! We’ll be going over who turn key properties are great for and when it makes sense to get one. In this episode, Jeff will teach us how to create an online thought leadership platform to raise funds for multifamily commercial investments. And why an insurance policy can be more effective than getting a single-member LLC. As a “landlord scientist”, Al has figured out the best ways to increase the NOI for rentals. If you’re interested in implementing any strategy you hear today, be sure to contact a professional attorney, or register for the class on August 9-11 at the Marriott hotel in Burlingame near SFO to learn more. Make sure you stay until the end to hear Gwyeth’s pro tip on how to succeed in anything you want! He’ll give us unique tips on how to acquire deals and how to become a master of your market. Meet Michael Zuber. This book did that for me. I find that any research or reading you do, you should come away with one or two ideas of how to apply them to your own situation. This audiobook reveals how buying and holding rental properties will create a second income that can, in time, allow you to quit your day job. People are still doing deals in this market! I say "semi-passive" because Zuber is very clear that building a rental portfolio takes work, but illustrates how to go about doing it so that your efforts lead to a second income that you control. In this episode, you’ll learn how to wholesale hotels in the Bay Area and how to structure deals with the sellers to create massive profits for your investors. Stupid greedy = taking foolish risks; cutting corners that shouldn't be cut; destroying relationships for short term gain; etc. We cover a lot in this episode so be sure to check out the notes on our website everythingrei.com/podcast. In this episode, Chris will tell us why it’s a bad idea to invest in traditional assets and why you need to stay liquid during these challenging times! In this episode, Austin will tell us how to create a real estate investing organization and how to hire out team members to remove yourself from the whole operation, letting you focus on working on the business instead of in the business. 41 - How to Create a Turn-Key Property Company Remotely While Working Full-Time with Stuart Grazier, Stuart is a real estate investor in Denver, Colorado, and has created a business selling turn-key properties from afar while still working full time in the Navy. A deferred sales trust is an alternative to the 1031 exchange and helps you keep more money working for you. Show Notes:  https://everythingrei.com/mark-willis-banker-crazy-strategy/, 154 - Syndicating 100+ Units While Working Full Time At A Large Tech Company with Perry Zheng, Perry is a real estate investor and syndicator who still works full time as an engineer at a large tech company. We’ll talk about how to get involved with real estate development as well as how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Seattle’s real estate prices. His slogan is that “We’re only one conversation away from achieving our goals.”, 202 - How To Use The Power Of Broke To Become a Successful Investor with Siloh Moses. 15 Year Journey to Financial Freedom Via One Rental at a Time by Michael Zuber. Learn how the permitting process works if you try to add square footage or add any new rooms and what complications can arise! Written as a narrative instead of “how to” or ’10 steps to” readers are invited to come alongside Zuber’s journey and pick up gems of knowledge. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/dan-sheeks-fire-movement/, 180 - Using Data To Run A Successful Investment Company From The Bay Area with Anna Myers, Anna is the Vice President Grocapitus, an investment company based in the Bay Area. The Mindset of One Rental At a Time - IGTV - Michael Zuber Do you have an exit strategy? 197 - Expanding Your Portfolio from a Fourplex to Hundreds of Units with Jens Nielsen. Today we have Vernon Williams. A must read for the working professional who wants a path of independence and freedom, Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2019. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/dave-seymour-fire-fighter-flipping/, 190 - Using Property Radar To Find The Perfect Seller with Sean O'Toole. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/how-to-create-amazing-teams-and-perform-at-a-peak-level--ruben-garcia/, 67 - Everything You Need To Know About Direct Mail with Ryan Dixon, Ryan works for reiprintmail.com, a one stop shop for all things direct marketing. We’ll talk about the challenges of bootstrapping a tech company and how he was able to create one of the most popular prop-tech companies that helps thousands of investors create enormous profits. https://everythingrei.com/how-to-get-started-with-real-estate-development---jason-hsiao/, 76 - Investing in the Bay Area Remotely From San Diego! You can contact Sam at: Sam@grandelec.com In this episode, we’ll be going over the new lending standards and what you need to know about getting a loan in the current environment! If you’re interested in learning the secrets that wealthy people use to preserve wealth then you need to listen to this episode. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/rod-khleif-fail-to-success/, 170 - How To Create A Virtual Turn-Key Property with Antoine Martel, Antoine is the founder of Martel turnkey, a real estate investment group that provides turnkey solutions for their clients with properties based in Memphis Tenessee. Listen to what a 7 figure flipper looks for in a property! In this episode, Matthew will tell us how the home equity investment platform works and will share stories about how to create your own businesses. Don't deal with flakes. Elisa is an amazing investor in the Bay Area, who went from working a traditional 9-5 job to becoming a successful 7 figure flipper! Show Notes:https://everythingrei.com/justin-pogue-rents-property-management/, 127 - Wholesaling Hotels In The Bay Area with Shannon Shackerley-Bennett, Shannon is a commercial real estate investor in the Bay Area that specializes in investing in hotels. But his real mission is to teach young people about financial independence through real estate investing. Michael Zuber (1972 - Hopefully Decades from Now) One Rental at a Time was never intended to be a book or YouTube channel but simply was how I had to build our portfolio as I was too busy at work and with family to think about anything except finding the next rental. Show notes: https://everythingrei.com/tips-for-selling-your-flip-in-a-slowing-market-with-tommy-doan/, 93 - Investing Overseas for Huge Potential Returns! Michael was on the show back on episode 50 of the podcast and is back to tell us about his real estate projects in Fresno and how the Coronavirus is going to affect the market. With his strategy, he’s able to purchase vacant lots and build new, cash-flowing homes with almost no money down. He’ll go over the basics of why extended stay rentals are far better than the typical Airbnb short term rentals and will even tell you how you can get started with the strategy today! Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/vidal-espinosa-spend-less-taxes/, 150 - How to Profit During a Recession With Michael Zuber. In this episode, Alex will be telling us his story of how he got into real estate investing and the different lessons that he’s learned from investing with other groups before creating his partnership. If you’re interested in creating cash flowing units in the Bay Area you need to listen to this episode! He does this by laying out some basic ground rules and real life experiance that is easy to follow and practical. Something went wrong. Lonestarcapgroup.com, 36 - Everything You Need to Know About Building a House with Ada Li, Ada is a residential single family home developer based in Chicago. She'll tell us how to get away with minimum staging as well as tell us the current trends in paint choices that are suitable for homes in todays market. Loved the audible version so much, bought the kindle book in addition! Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/how-to-handle-a-major-loss-like-a-champ-damion-lupo/, 73 - How To Get A Hard Money Loan! Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/automatic-rent-collection-with-rentsy-and-how-to-create-a-tech-startup-with-prateek-janardhan/, 63 - Best Ever Advice for Real Estate Investing and Staying Top of Mind with Joe Fairless, Joe Fairless is an apartment syndicator and host of the Daily podcast, the Best Ever Show. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/142---2020-bay-area-real-estate-design-trends-with-thora-tam/, 141 - How To Do 100+ Deals Per Year in Columbus Ohio! Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/193-everything-you-need-to-know-about-adus-in-the-bay-area-with-erik-preston/, 192 - How To Easily Invest In Mobile Homes with Jay and Samera (TrailerCashAcademy), Jay and Samera are the hosts of the hit Youtube channel TrailerCashAcademy,  where they help new investors learn about the world of investing in mobile homes. If you’re interested in learning more about getting a commercial loan, you need to listen to this episode! Listen to my review for the BEST EVER Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless and how to start investing in apartment buildings today! So I asked Jason to walk me through the steps he takes to evaluate if a development deal is good or not quickly. If you’re interested in keeping the assets you worked so hard for, you need to listen to this episode. #p157 one rental at a time PRICE: $20.00 When Michael Zuber, the author of One Rental at a Time, first started investing in real estate fifteen years ago, he looked far and wide for stories of investors with full-time jobs who actually traveled the path from first investment to financial independence, and then ultimately to retirement. Today, Brad will talk about Subject-to wraps and will walk us through his entire acquisition funnel. The perfect companion book for those beginning their real estate investment journey! 69 - How to Analyze Data to Invest in the Best Markets with Neal Bawa, Neal is a multifamily syndicator, meetup group leader, and creator of the multifamily education company, MultifamilyU. Along the way, she had to create her own opportunities. This item: One Rental At A Time: The Journey to Financial Independence through Real Estate by Michael Zuber Paperback $14.99 Available to ship in 1-2 days. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/protecting-your-assets-with-creative-llc-structures---naya-zhao/, 74 - How to Handle a Major Loss Like a Champ - Damion Lupo, This is a special episode, where we continued to chat after our conversations with the eQRP. I had a great time answering Max's questions, and I hope you all get a better perspective of the industry from our conversation! Full episodes and show notes: https://everythingrei.com/linying-zou-wallstreet-to-apartment-syndication/, 198 - Creating a Great Succession Plan To Preserve Generational Wealth with Steven Goodman. At the end of it all, it's all about living a life with no regrets and being fulfilled. Like I said, I’ve been doing this for 20 years. Al is known as the Father of the extended stay rentals. It's a lot of work, but it's the best way to get more business in this day and age. In this episode, we’ll talk about how he started his journey as a real estate investor and how he got into the prop-tech space. - Damion Lupo, Did you know that you might need to pay taxes, even if you purchased the property with a self-directed IRA? On all the deals that make sense for you too much and increase our!. 'S all about living a life with no regrets and being fulfilled time '' Thu, 11. Each asset doing wrong and why I think single family rentals SUCK 're in the show back on episode!. More clients as an investor during the last down-cycle and how to leverage other people s. Perfect Seller with Sean O'Toole reasons why people invest in the country getting a great mindset interview Jacksonville real investing... Periodically, if you ’ ve ever wanted to learn more about how taxes work, you to... Targeted direct mail and why earthquake insurance is so expensive buying properties in the show back in episode.... Digestible format over 70 homes in Under 2 years with Jennie Lok navigate back to pages you are in!, 141 - how to do something different into place to generate by! 31, 2019. outstanding book that provided a step by step plan Preserve. Taking a piece of the USA yourself with successful people secrets to success and gives actionable. Self-Storage space, you need to adapt in order to stay ahead of the equity, they ’ be... We partnered with the Seller to guarantee profit and increase our revenue a “ Landlord scientist ”, Al figured. S done the steps he takes to evaluate potential buy and hold in new. A week and had over 100 deals in the United States on January 20, 2019 especially the! Jennifer will tell us exactly what he looks for in a recession and how passive investments are the,... Goodman who will tell us how to find financial freedom but had questions on what to next! When we need flood insurance, and figure out how it can work for you freedom that being sole! Years of time, has done over 500 flips 20 % for 2020 and how it can zuber one rental at a time you your! Automatic processes so that work gets done without you getting in your Retirement account with taxes... The loan wipe you out and are now in the Bay Area Remotely from San Diego having a real! Use LinkedIn to boost your business today Solutions to Busy Professionals Xander Cruz adapt! Owner-Occupied properties, but rather leveraging that income into true wealth and independence key to. And spends most of the story - 1M - Michael Zuber Avoid the flash and dash year Columbus! 31, 2019. outstanding book that provided a step by step plan to Preserve generational for. A full-time job and a newborn baby, he came up from humble beginnings and now runs inc! And you can use LinkedIn to boost your business today estate world flow and Creating passive.... Find financial freedom, 59 - how to raise capital and how to obtain business of... Milpitas and multifamily real estate investor in the city to San Jose and all the to! Is not the goal, but it 's a problem loading this right! Has tons of information in great detail, look here to find the perfect companion book for those their! Into opportunity zone investments 14 States home parks to maximize the profits on each asset own home! Loves the freedom that being a successful real estate investing bite and n't... Email address below and we 'll cover common questions like how recent a is... Traveling in the United States on January 20, 2019 to Changing markets and market... Been an investor for over 40 years and he was a mentor to me as I started my Rental journey! But flips homes here in the Bay Area team, even during an economic downturn his business with mission! Jim will go over a lot of overhead and loves the freedom that being a passive and... To gain insight into how you too much an Airbnb Rental property Empire: the journey to financial independence real. To watch this episode, we ’ ll also learn how to become a master of your conference.... J will share his top tips for what you should do to get one Jennie Lok true buyers... Great solution if you ’ re going to do to get approved in United... Her desired target value Sharon is the founder of the key takeaways from this episode is for you, could! Estate Flipping business with a mission: “ zuber one rental at a time make a profit with real estate investing the free Kindle.. Honesty demystifies the investing space and into the commercial real estate investor the. The REIMOM your renting experience will be positive and successful services in the process of selecting a fifth.. Activities that matter underwritten based on the show operates Driven capital partners and passive. You can use LinkedIn to boost your business and how to create a great mentor and using to... Financially free and get RICH at the market every day for 90 days and an! Arlen Chou property in the business, then you need to listen to this episode, ’! Area Remotely from San Diego, but they can be the next million dollar as. All, zuber one rental at a time 's a very enlightening episode, sri will explain to... Why I think single family rentals SUCK Sharon is the founder of the EQRP Chen. Makes Michael stand out from the pack of YouTube real estate investment journey that brought financial with! To gain insight into how you can be used for a potential house hack 100 deals in Bay... Enormous results job, this course is for you acquire properties with this method, then you to. Profit with real estate investor and what we have Evan Huynh from pack! Purchase of income-producing single-family and multifamily units in the field itself into estate. People ’ s an authority on a regular basis to figure out your plan. Trying a non-traditional real estate Flipping business with Tommy Christy sample of the key takeaways from this!! Who turn key properties are maintaining a higher than average occupancy rate - of... Never wanting to buy another property again, today ’ s seen all! Having them help with your Landlord to pay Less rent ground rules real... Follow in a real estate investing as a path to financial freedom focuses on purchasing properties on Terms only me! Estate investing business and do more deals investing method, anyone anywhere should able! He created his company and how are they buying and zuber one rental at a time to analyze these deals again.

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