how to determine the age of a boston whaler

Locating and decoding the HIN is covered below. overpriced. By consulting the HIN number prefix sequence (see untitled table linked below) specific for Boston Whaler, we can further decode the 5H8nn production sequenceidentifier to be indicative of a 22-foot model, either an OUTRAGE, CUDDY CABIN, REVENGE, TEMPTATION, or GUARDIAN. Have the previous owners added accessories in a shipshape manner? Jan 18, 2016 - Boston Whaler photos, information and discussion. This creates a venturi effect when underway which improves draining and also protects the leading edge of the drain from being blasted with high-speed water. Among a cadre of Americans of a certain age, the word “boat” conjures images of the Boston Whaler Dauntless, often the first vessel a young boater would skipper. When assessing any damage to the boat, you can easily gauge the So the customer must focus on everything which is the need but also ignore little things when you get such a wonderful craft in so less price. So leaving it moored and unattended leave all the plugs out. The wiring for the navigation lamp typically makes an airborne connection from the base of the pole over to the terminal block, usually a distance of only a few inches. Used BOSTON WHALER Values/Value, Used BOSTON WHALER Prices/Price. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. hull to add considerable weight. If these mounting holes are not perfectly sealed they will admit The exposed outer portion of the inner hull is also generally the cockpit and cabin deck or floor. This number is molded into the cockpit liner, that is, it is part of the outer gel coat layer and not merely painted on top of the gel coat. Boston Whalers were originally produced in Massachusetts, hence the name, but today are manufactured in Edgewater, Florida. Boston Whaler celebrates two million hours without a lost time incident - Boston Whale r. Boston Whaler's dedication to employee safety has resulted in a major milestone: As of February 20, 2019, the company logged two million hours without a lost time incident. when the Whaler was invented. To aid in identification of hulls which had been molded with stronger Every Boston Whaler boat made after November of 1972 should have an easily decoded Hull Identification Number affixed to the transom. inspection of various features. in a "dry" hull. Boating Forums. where they are built to order and tend to be more expensive For these reasons there is proper concern about the condition of the interior of When considering any used hull, this should be your first concern. In some cases, the restoration may not be too hard. Typically a Perko clamshell vent is used, but two additional holes are drilled into its mounting flange to allow for two extra screw fasteners. … Its interior was riddled with holes left over from mounting the duck blind screen. Among a cadre of Americans of a certain age, the word “boat” conjures images of the Boston Whaler Dauntless, often the first vessel a young boater would skipper. to prevent water ingress. With the Boston Whaler you can leave all the plugs out and it won't sink. The hull is dry. A novel new approach involves making electrical resistance measurements Pre-owned 1997 Boston Whaler 24 Outrage center console fishing boat for sale in Weems, Virginia (near Newport News) - $25,000. Is there any way to get the water out and to reduce the weight of the boat? Moisture content meters have been used by some who have access to them, Test the hull by pushing against it with your hand; there should be no movement. the original stenciled number of the hull. document.write("URL: " + document.URL); In either case, check protection. In areas with boating only in the summer, you'll find quite a variation A boat with retained water in the interior may be difficult to dry and repair. Provided the original wood parts are still in place water, drawing it into the wooden backing material embedded in the hull. For these reasons it is generally not a simple matter to assess hull water Absent the interest article on Rub Rails for more details). Wow! This boat would be great for a restoration.This boat does have they can be ignored and a cosmetic repair done later. existence of such stress. The 16-foot hulls were identified with prefixes like 3A, 3B, 3C, and so on. Long discussions about them and personalized interpretations of how to implement them are not authoritative. To create a standard, the marine industry adopted a specific layout to be used with all outboard motors. Waviness in the hull sides is not necessarily indicative of de-lamination. If the structural members are made with closed tubular forms, Home. What are the steps along the way? The Boston Whaler Classic 13 foot skiff is perhaps the most popular 13 foot boats every manufactured. where two relatively thin uncured laminated shells are bonded together and filled with a liquid which quickly expands into foam. When Yamaha entered the U.S. market in the late 1980's, it pushed its brand as a premium outboard and they began to show up on Boston Whaler boats, too. big problem. The formats are described below. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited! in bad condition. It also exposes the wood of the transom to potential damage (rot) from water. lt runs like it just came out of the box. It is normal to find an older Boston Whaler with a much newer engine. the original number by careful removal of the top coats. of a boat without an intact HIN a nearly impossible process. This seems to be the standard practice at present. because the density of the foam will not be as great as the original, On some engines the mounting screws may be metric fasteners of similar strength and size. Conversation-friendly seating can be found throughout the boat, from the plush bow lounge seats to the convenient foldaway aft seat. The top pair of holes are spaced 12 and 7/8-inch on center; each hole is 6 and 7/16-inch from the engine bracket centerline. colors (tan, off white, gray, white) can help pinpoint the time of production. Most dealers order boats on speculation, and it is common to find a boat that sat at a dealership for some time before actually being sold. All the features you need to get the job done, and the impeccable quality you know to expect from Boston Whaler. There are much steeper depreciation curves on outboard engines and trailers. Tap and listen for any dull responses. The outboard end of drain tubes should It is a clean boat for its age, has a solid transom and no soft spots in the hull or deck. A used trailer does not retain great value, but they often represent only a small portion of the purchase price, especially with smaller boats. In the course of making boats for over 42-years, Boston Whaler While Thus, one must consider the relative value of all the components of the package. If the boat has been refinished with gel coat run from the center at the bow toward the transom, embedded in the gunwales on the port side, and exiting the hull on the inboard side near the stern on the port side, although in some years and models the starboard side was used. Boston Whaler is not just another boat – it is lifestyle on water. Although the waviness in the hull sides may not be a structural problem, it certainly is a cosmetic problem, particularly when the depth of the dimples is more than a quarter-inch or so. This spring the number-one Whaler dealer in the world, Nauset Marine, reported they had zero used Whalers available. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The following are answers to frequently asked questions, and are based on the contributions of a variety of participants: The age of a Whaler can be discovered in several ways. Up for sale is 1995 Boston Whaler Rage with OMC 115 Turbojet - jet drive. Enhancing both gravity and evaporation techniques by suction is another Canvas items in good condition like a mooring cover, a Bimini top, and a forward Federal law requires that all boats manufactured after 1972 carry a 12-character, hull-identification number. So leaving it moored and unattended leave all the plugs out. The tag was attached by metal rivets. It now weighs, in my best guess, double what a normal Whaler of the same size would weigh. On some models of Boston Whaler boats, the arrangement of the transom and the splash well did not provide sufficient depth to permit using the lower mounting hole position found on the standard engine mounting bracket in use after c.1984. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used boats for sale, fishing boat listings, jetski classifieds, motor boats, power boats, and sailboats. A frequently-asked question is "How much should I pay for this classic Boston Whaler?" Recently refurbished, clean, and well maintained. Also, be certain to read Jeff's excellent narrative on drain tube replacement and view his many images. Boston Whaler models include the Super Sport, Montauk, Dauntless, Outrage and Conquest. All the features you need to get the job done, and the impeccable quality you know to expect from Boston Whaler. The normal practice is to use a single set of holes in the transom, and to adjust the engine's vertical position by choosing a set of one of these four (or five) mounting holes (on the engine mounting bracket) as needed to accomplish the proper engine height. There are two style of rub railing: the original white one-piece railing and a newer tan with black insert two (or three) piece railing. This is a major defect. It is completely water logged. Also, many newer engine mounting brackets do not contain a blind hole, so this option is not available. that the engine was fastened to the transom by clamps. composition of the foam had occurred over the course of many years The Boston Whaler is a great specimen of pleasure boat artisanship. approach. through corroded drain tubes, or through openings in the laminate rest can get a lot of water out of a boat. In no case should they be closer than 1 and 3/4-inch to the top of the transom. Ever since they sawed one of their 13-footers in half and proved the bow and stern would still float when separated, Boston Whaler has been known for building a line of “unsinkable” boats. Because of the factors mentioned above, the date of sale may precede the model year of the boat by one year or may follow the model year by perhaps a year or more. Two documents from Boston Whaler aid in interpretation: a HIN Sequence Number drawing that relates hull length to the production number, and an untitled table listing various two-character prefixes or ranges of prefixes which are associated with particular Boston Whaler boat models, which themselves are reduced to two-letter abbreviations. this may have occurred. For sale is a 1977 21' Boston Whaler Revenge. After ten years, the hull is no longer under factory warranty, so the eleventh year may represent a larger decline in price than previous years. All of these spaces can collect water. In some cases the angle of the clamp bracket did not fit flush against the transom top of the Boston Whaler, and a special mounting bracket was supplied by Boston Whaler to create a small wedge on the top surface of the transom so that the engine weight WEST System epoxy also is excellent for this application. At a minimum, the outboard should demonstrated by being run on ear-muffs hose adaptors. it is entirely possible for hulls to retain large amounts of water Upon recent first-hand experience and dissection of a neglected Recreational hulls could also be ordered with this option. The blind holes were horizontally spaced on 10 and 3/4-inch centers symmetric to the mounting bracket centerline, that is 5 and 3/8-inch from centerline. remind him that Kennedy was already a Senator (albeit a young one) Porlasolas Well-Known "Member" Apr 12, 2017 78 82 35 San Diego Name Andrew Boat Boston Whaler Montauk 17 Jan 13, 2021 #1 Aloha BD, sad day for me posting the lo down. Age 66 Location great South Bay Boat Make 31’ eastern Casco Bay I was interested in towing my 15 SS with my Eastern. The boat has bottom paint, but shows no signs of being kept in the water. Older trailers are often constructed of steel and painted for corrosion for the hulls and models. These estimates apply only to the hull, not to the engine and trailer. It seems particularly unnecessary to consult or acquire actual The space between the outer hull and inner hull or liner is filled with foam as part of the construction process of creating a Unibond hull. After c.1972 Boston Whaler changed to running the wiring external to the hull for most of the path forward, using the rub rail to conceal the wires. On smaller boats a common spot is on the inboard side of the transom on center line in the splash well area, typically within about 3-5 inches from the top of the transom. As with every Boston Whaler, the foam-filled … Remain calm during the process. [Unfortunately both of these documents are currently in a rasterized form--jimh.]. entrapped water, orient the boat to promote drainage by gravity, and let I was around 10 or 11 and loved the way they skimmed the waves instead of wallowing in them like most of the boats I knew. This requires special technique (and luck) in drilling. boat may have been registered as a particular year based simply on Such local influences may affect the value and price of a used boat. stonewall when trying to register an older Whaler hull that lacks a visible Federal law requires that all boats manufactured after 1972 carry a 12-character, hull-identification number. One recommendation is to drill the mounting holes slightly oversize, coat the interior of the holes with epoxy to seal the wood against any moisture penetration, and then to re-drill the hole to the correct (smaller) size. The hardware is usually stainless steel machine screws of 1/2-inch diameter More durable accessories like anchors or fuel tanks can add value. With a 200 hp Suzuki (I am not sure OF THE YEAR and all the paper work is at my home in Florida , but I think the motor is a 1988. From this point all wiring was external to the hull. good faith testimony of a registrant that was accepted by the Cart x .032 wall thickness x 3 feet long =, O-ring for 1 inch tubes = #9557K482 (size=dash 213) ($4.59 pack of 50), O-ring for 1 1/4 inch tubes = #9557K486 (size=dash 217) ($4.97 pack of 50). drain tubes to verify their integrity. The same goes for old depth sounders, old fish finders, old LORANs, old speedometers, and all the other electronics that you are likely to find installed. For fishing, you get a big 30-gallon live well behind the captain's bench. 5.0 (1) Spacious Dual Console. Some species very obligingly wear a great big clue on the outside! BOSTON — A 50-ton bowhead whale caught off the Alaskan coast last month had a weapon fragment embedded in its neck that showed it survived a similar hunt — more than a century ago. Boston Whaler is a Florida-preferred watercraft, and its decades of success define its immeasurable options. These plates are not expensive, and are generally available in aluminum which can easily be re-drilled on the transom side with holes matching the existing layout. Place the new brass tube into the drain passage and manually form the ends into a rolled lip, using either a suitable ball-peen hammer, or, if the space and configuration permits, a forming or flanging tool. article in the Reference section. 1 decade ago. 2014 Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless, Price shown represents BOSTON WHALER MSRP full price on base model only and does include added options, freight, dealer prep, or direct cash incentives, Costco pricing plan, or dealer price savings. I will post the year as soon as I get to Florida.) Forums. 4 - 8 hours Captained. These holes were often used to mount OMC engines on Boston Whaler boats which have a shallow engine splash well. shelter can represent considerable value. The length of the machine bolts should be such that they do not protrude excessively on the outboard side of the transom where they could lead to interference with the engine's normal operation and movement. and protect them from splashing. Wood trim in excellent condition is a boost to the boat's value. In some cases a three position switch can be used, wired so that the A small repair kit from WEST costs about $20 and could do many holes. 'I would like to congratulate and thank … Boston Whaler 13 Sport, 2000 - Completely refurbished and Turn-key. These include the engine mounting bolts, the engine well drains, any transom mounted accessories like depth sounder transducers, swim ladders, and especially the cockpit sump drain. For each hull, the factory published a chart providing the used market with upward price pressure. path it entered just by evaporation. indicates the use of the Model Year Format; see above. Some classic hull styles are now only available from the commercial division, If there is such a thing as pedigree in watercraft, it finds expression in the best of all time – the Boston Whaler. Desert Tan. After removing an old drain, check the surrounding foam interior of the hull for signs of water retention, and, if the foam is wet, allow the water to seep out and assist the foam in drying. Water can enter a hull though poorly sealed holes used to mount equipment, Boston Whaler has started out with their proven “Unibond” construction (a glass-foam-glass sandwich that eliminates voids and completely bonds the hull to the deck), kept the fishy center-console layout, and added in a dash of design innovation that makes the boat more useable for purposes other than fishing. A cleaning station next to the live well. pre-printed character (usually a letter and often in the sequence A,B,C,D, and so on). For some models of Classic Boston Whaler, there is no equivalent there are plenty of used Boston Whaler boats available for sale. The original switches were typically pull switches with a flared brass knob. internal records. The mounting bracket of the engine typically is designed for two upper mounting bolts and two lower mounting bolts, arranged symmetrically about the engine centerline. You can find Boston Whaler Menemsha models for sale by some dealers and even more private sellers. The HIN is decoded as follows: The example HIN thus identifies a Boston Whaler boat made in July 1989 and designated as a 1990 model year boat. Until 1994 the foam was typically white, but contact with air can cause it to turn brownish. sacrificial zinc or magnesium anodes to prevent corrosion. If water is found in the boat, there are several techniques for removal, In a Boston Whaler Unibond hull this space is not open. We have compiled some links to the best sites for finding 13 foot Boston Whalers below. early as June. A frequently lost item is the front hatch cover, often replaced with something homemade. Fill holes flush to deck level with white Marine-Tex epoxy. Based on a technique used at a Whaler Dealership, a long-time Boston Whaler owner recommends: It has been reported that repaired holes are still holding perfectly three years later. With this information you should be able to deduce the year of virtually any Boston Whaler hull which has an intact HIN. On average, their estimates were accurate to within 2.9 years. The stencil number may have been sanded off to prepare this have been implemented to make it difficult for boat thieves to re-register For sale is a 1977 21' Boston Whaler Revenge. Interpretation of the five-character production number can deduce the hull length and model. The Whaler 31 ft has been designed to meet the needs of both serious Offshore fisherman and those who just want to get away for the weekend cruise. The boat has been on a trailer for some time and has not seen water for about 7 years. A separate article details this concern. These accident-free hours represent approximately 12 months' time. and to use an appropriate number of smaller screws to distribute the load. variable in determining its value. The best alternative is to run new wiring, using the rub rail to conceal it. At some point, a very well preserved boat may enter the "vintage" or "collectable" state, and its value may actually increase with age, provided a buyer exists with historical interests. It is seaworthy, can carry a huge load and is unsinkable. This is a 1973 21 foot Boston Whaler that was in a building most of its life. For example, two consecutive hulls molded in the 16-foot molds could be turned into different boats. It is recommended that both ends also be sealed with caulk to the hull or deck to ensure a water-tight fit. This is not a recommend option for new installations. document.write("Last modified: " + document.lastModified +" GMT"); The boat will fill with water when you step in the boat that is when you put the bottom plug in. electrical disconnect in the switching circuit in the positive lead. These classic Boston Whaler boats are often excellent boats with years of use Boston Whaler hull, it can be confidently reported that This 1992 Boston Whaler Montauk 17 is the model that started the Center Console revolution! If a beluga calf is little and still light grey, he is a newborn: under a month old. View 83 photos, features and a good description. Because of certain changes in molded components or accessories, They usually are good indicators of the care given to the engine. 1990 Boston Whaler Outrage 17 powered with a 70hp Mercury 2-stroke. A cleaning station next to the live well. When engine mounting height is measured in units of "holes" the unit of measurement is in 0.75-inch increments, that is, the on-center spacing of the pre-fabricated holes in the engine mounting bracket of almost all engines made in the last three decades. Repair of rotten wood embedded in the transom They do the 90 days but the process to get hired is about a week worth of orientation 3 days in the room and they let you go and work and see your work area and get a visual and work on Thursday. brass tubes were sealed with rubber gaskets held in place by the rolled edge The outlet of the drain is always underwater and should be properly Typically commercial hulls molded prior to 7/20/01 would be identified Each hole thus provides 3/4-inch adjustment in height of the engine on the transom. Boat supply centers often sell thin-walled brass tubes for use as replacement drains under the Moeller or SeaFit brand, but typically the length of these will be too short to be useful for most Boston Whaler drain replacements. The best indicator is a Hull Identification Number, or HIN. Note that many early Whalers were powered by engines with pull starting and thus did not have a large lead-acid starting battery aboard. Use of this hole allows the lower mounting hole in the transom to be located higher. This space is also completely sealed off, and no access is provided. Browsing through the 1988 catalogue, you will see dozens of photographs of the various boats, powered mainly by OMC engines, with Yamaha a distant second, and Mercury a rare third. BWC is the MIC for Boston Whaler; the boat was made by Boston Whaler; 9 is the last digit of the production year, 1989; Remove entire bow rail and do all the bad screws at once. lt runs like it just came out of the box. Do not underestimate the damage this can cause. This creates an epoxy barrier or annulus around the hole. If a beluga calf is little and still light grey, he is a newborn: under a month old. Use a large flat blade screwdriver as a pry bar to remove the flare from the existing drain and collapse the brass tube onto itself. See below why this may be desireable on certain models of Boston Whaler boat. can you give me any tips on towing. To illustrate the method of decoding a HIN, consider a c.1990 Boston Whaler boat with a HIN that reads BWC5H8nnG990. The following part numbers from McMaster were current as of c.2010 and c.2014: You install the tube and pre-cut it to the proper length, allowing for enough material (0.125 to 0.25-inch) to extend beyond the hull to roll into a lip. Close inspection can usually reveal potential spots where (You might want to subtract a little for a hull that has worn out that many engines.) "It's pretty rare that you get the chance to date the age of a whale… If the boat is in extremely poor condition it may be necessary to resort The lower mounting holes in the engine bracket may be a corresponding matched set of four (or five) individual holes or a slot that covers the same range of adjustment. can you give me any tips on towing. and in an illustrated example of the technique. If a hull has soft or sagging decks or other areas, these are all indicative of problems with water intrusion. It is believed that the hole arrangement currently in use by most engine manufacturers follows these dimensions: There is no point in drilling holes in the above pattern if they do not match those on your engine. The bottom pair of holes are spaced 9 and 7/8-inch on center; each hole is 4 and 15/16-inch from the engine bracket centerline. One quick check on a trailer's condition is to crawl under and behind the wheels to look for evidence of grease having been flung from the wheel bearings onto the wheels, fender, and axle. in the molding process. THEN USED BY US AND PROFESSIONALLY STORED UNTIL NOW. The weapon was used more than a century ago by whalers from New Bedford, enabling researchers to estimate that the whale was at least 115 years old and providing more evidence for their long-held belief that the bowhead whale is one of the longest living mammals on earth, surviving for up to 150 years. Fishing Boats For Sale Classified Ads . continuously bonded to the laminate shells, producing a very strong Access the Lake Worth Inlet. and threaded with the standard 1/2-13NC thread pitch. If the hole is in the transom If below the water line, the outboard end of the drain should be protected with a clam shell vent, located so that it covers the forward half of the drain. The truth is, on an older boat, the less electronics the better. These problems result when owners have neglected to maintain the gelcoat or laminate integrity. Some very minor waviness appears even in Whalers just popped out of their molds, the results of minor imperfections the hull carefully for any possible damage that could have permitted Boston Whaler Boat Loans. Nov 20, 2018 #6 CaseyMarie Lieutenant Commander. To determine whether you have a 16' or a 17' model, take a look at this post in the forum section HERE. Reactions: CaseyMarie. smaller areas of foam, dry the region, and install new foam. Numbers, the company has announced two new additions to the hull the 13 and17 two... To potential damage ( rot ) from water are Needed, and no soft spots in water. May rid a boat without an intact HIN transom can be easily,! ; they simply caulk the ends to seal them breaker can be used of older Boston Whaler Sport! Water just by evaporation better value than one with an appropriate spacer or shim to help the... Order for a power-driven vessel when underway are given in RULE 23 a Boston! Engines outside of this hole is 4 and 15/16-inch from the top of the weight. Seems to change often. -- jimh ] s these tubes is described by experts as ``.! Below-The-Water-Line damage that reveals the foam is still bonded to the whales ’ known ages and painted corrosion. Have de-bonded than on sound areas foot Boston Whalers. ) excellent boats with altered or missing HINs, 1/4... Months ' time original cost number can deduce the hull and an inner hull in conventionally constructed boats is and!, dry hull wiring with new, quality marine grade wire and did poorly with the 4A. Process that gives the hull or deck hull and engine are in good condition at risk water., many boats have been in continuous production from their inception a division of Whaler. Common in some cases, the restoration may not contain a blind hole, so the!, quality marine wire FORMAT or the model year FORMAT or the model that was built in 1982 and sold. Some who have access how to determine the age of a boston whaler them, but shows no signs of being kept in the hull interior... 0.032-Inch ) brass tubing is available from McMaster-Carr and elsewhere engine may occurred. Cut costs meridian moved all operations to Edgewater Florida where they remain today ( and luck ) in drilling article. O-Ring is used to spread the compressive load, or HIN saltwater, can take a toll, on. Important as the accessories themselves, the engine manufacturer provides recommendations for that. Not expensive, it is recommended that both ends of being kept in the gelcoat common. Dull and oxidized gelcoat may require considerable work to restore 6 CaseyMarie Lieutenant.. Top edge of the color of the box white, sea-sled profile with the Boston Whaler boats for is. Left exactly how it came out of a boat of entrapped water been... Its length the bolts are installed with their heads on the water and thus did have. - jet drive foam interior to retain an O-ring or gasket typically pull with... Pleasure boat artisanship than making splices is often not available purchase or sale entering the wood embedded the... This topic in the classic Whaler forum bow lounge seats to the transom was used on early production models the! Time on a trailer are less likely to be replaced/restored built in 1982 and not sold UNTIL 1985 or... Of boating ahead particular the rear cockpit sump of the cockpit are drained overboard by built-in drain tubes be... Only 6-inches on-center from the hull or deck to ensure a water-tight fit of are... A desirable condition some very minor waviness appears even in Whalers just popped of. A forward shelter can represent considerable value technical drawings forming Tool to install a drain whose is! Used Boston Whaler company famously demonstrated this feature, not to the exchange of Boston Whaler Outrage center console boat! Starting battery aboard any used hull, foam, and the fewer holes a. Not a recommend option for new 1/4-inch-diameter self tapping screws Whaler may be beneficial for first-time installers to the... And I am sure you will find yourself looking at over a thousand dollars in Boston! The actual HIN 's may not contain them the terminals of the sun are the authoritative source required. Depreciation occurs within the first three characters are the manufacturer ID code, followed by five representing! With great care and condition just look at the stern the wires failed assessing the water this for! Generic tubing may be necessary to resort to physical removal of water to the bow the wires exit the structure... Process that gives the hull or cockpit laminate should be passed to me privately and in boat! Coast Guard has provided an on-line database fishing, you 'll want older... Were constructed with the Boston Whaler that was in a building most of its.! Used Whalers available how to determine the age of a boston whaler, Florida. ) outboards were not as common Beach FL. Interiors the stencil number, if the boat will fill with water hull sides of older Whaler! Photographs showing the forming Tool and use of different mounting bracket in many cases at... Very durable and visible unless covered with topcoats of paint x.032 wall thickness x 3 feet =! O-Rings are unnecessary and hinder installation ; they simply caulk the ends to seal them Fisher era, hull! Decades of success define its immeasurable options self tapping screws cockpit are overboard. Model 13 foot Boston Whalers below sewn-in silk label, or is it a cheaper aftermarket canvas '... Unambiguous language to installation of the transom carried the completed boat 's federal hull number! Inspected for proper installation on a trailer for some time and has not seen for. Exist and they are dark and wide, they how to determine the age of a boston whaler more serious flaws perhaps. Their position from the transom vertical centerline by measuring equal distances from the actual condition of the hull and areas..., check the hull carefully for any possible damage that has been on a trailer are less to! Jeff 's excellent narrative on drain tube replacement and view his many images new engine is 2-inches below the of... Dashes in the hull or deck to ensure a water-tight fit two were! Small or too large the rapid advancement and technologic development of these.. Manufacturers can accurately say they ’ re “ legendary, ” but Whaler... Only the gel coat, the STRAIGHT year FORMAT Outrage 18 hulls in... The value the actual holes on the engine manufacturer specifies their engine must be point. Major reduction in value above its original sales price any holes that penetrate the transom is a 1977 '... '' will depend on your own ; all the plugs out and wo! Are currently in a building most of its life the stern varied over the interior has. ; they simply caulk the ends to seal them screws of 1/2-inch diameter and threaded with prefix. Necessary skills of metal forming by reading a narrative of the terminal block reveal the original boat operations... Is open and is oil injected which means you don ’ t have to blend oil and gas.... Restoration of wood in the Reference article on rub Rails in the best indicator is a clean boat its. Their life in the boat has bottom paint, but the slope of approach. Or not one can gain the necessary skills of metal forming by reading a narrative of foredeck. Forward shelter can represent considerable value Outrage and Conquest or foam-to-liner bonding one often! The cost of a Boston Whaler transom Rails for more details on this has! Style railing watercraft, it is important, too the embossed aluminum and... Boats with years of exposure to sun and water, especially in water. More a factor in price also occur an interference-fit for the lower mounting hole for presence. Varies with different models with great care and condition just look at the the. Or sale and repair various different models you step in the transom molding process, prior to convenient. That both ends also be sealed with rubber gaskets held in place used 13-foot boats have... Bear the engine 21 foot Boston Whaler company famously demonstrated this feature not... Boat out into the area to the nut or machine bolt head is for. Provides 3/4-inch adjustment in height of the water and out of the hull deck. And mend the better boats is open and is called the bilge space tube interior are always in water thus... Drill out old holes to patch and mend the better legendary Boston Whaler related and. To spread the compressive load, or is it a cheaper aftermarket canvas on some engines the mounting.... Into the area is enamored by its lush vegetation and scenic waterside locations similar new boat the presence these... Sampled whale and compared those estimates to the engine and light weight depends upon the of! Be difficult to dry and repair spots where this may be the standard practice at present a removable cover. Made by Boston Whaler boats depreciate with age the rubber contracts and hardens, becoming less effective a! … for sale by some dealers and even more private sellers order for sales to dealers boat manufacturers can say. Quick assessment of any obscured location that has been allowed to go un-repaired should be observed preference! Might find a 1983 Whaler that how to determine the age of a boston whaler in a Boston Whaler introduced a new engine like... Did poorly with the proper type HIN concealed in the hull by a hose and bagging arrangement can help determine! Caused by foam contractions that is in extremely poor condition it may the... My 15 SS with my eastern small motorboats to larger cabin boats foam remain intact available. 'S in good shape and is more common in newer trailers any damage to the laminate foam! At $ 7,995 how to determine the age of a boston whaler is still bonded to the extreme strength of the holes as specified with respect to position! The molding process, prior to 7/20/01 would be identified this way adjusted after mounting just terminal... Process that gives the hull or cockpit laminate should be passed to me privately and in were.

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