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Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) was discovered as medicine’s first anesthetic in 1844by Dr. Horace Wells, a dentist in Hartford, CT. Ten facts about tooth decay. Wisdom teeth serve no purpose anymore. Phone: 540-459-4341 Email:, Monday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Tuesday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Wednesday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Thursday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Just how much do you know about your profession? Here Are 10 Fun Dental Facts. Do you know any other cool dental facts? It was discovered that he had a cavity that had to be filled. " A: She thought that the moon had no cavities! Although mini dental implants are considered the best solution in cases when there isn’t sufficient bone or gum tissue for standard implants, their use is declining due to the increase in the perception that they don’t offer adequate restorative capabilities. Dental Terms Trivia and Facts. Over three million miles of dental floss is purchased in North America each year. Now the Tooth Fairy brings around $2.00 per tooth! In fact, chewing gum can help your oral health by stimulating saliva production which helps fight off the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Aug 18, 2020 - Are you afraid of dental pain? The average American spends 38.5 total days brushing their teeth during their lifetime. Dental/Orthodontic Trivia Quiz. The largest problem keeping Americans from getting the dental care they need is the fact that paying for dental work can be difficult or even impossible for many families and individuals. And what do your peers know? See more ideas about Dental facts, Dentistry, Dental. Monday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Tuesday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Wednesday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (By appointment only) Lunch: 12 pm - 1 pm Daily. "@type": "WebPage", Dental Issues Can be Educational Issues. It’s always fun to learn about the obscure facts and crazy history that make up our tooth trivia! There are 300 entry-level degree programs, 60-degree completion programs, and 18 master’s degree dental hygiene programs. Does a Healthy Mouth = a Healthy Heart? Teeth help you chew, speak and smile, but no two are alike. Did you know ? Whatever teeth fact you seek, we hope you find what you're looking for. }, To remove debris stuck in your teeth, use dental floss or dental soft picks. What name is given to a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis? ", A sneeze zooms out of your mouth at over 600 mph! Immediate-load implants will comprise around 15% of all implant procedures. "headline": "10 Fun Dental Facts You Should Know", So, maybe you don't like the idea of your barber pulling your teeth as well, but at least you had a one-stop-shop for your medical and cosmetic needs, talk about saving on gas money…or in this case hay. "url": "", She was rejected from medical school but was encouraged to pursue dentistry. You probably know that George Washington had dentures, but what were they made out of? Don't get caught not knowing the true origin story for Kleenex, or what a beefalo is. At Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry, we think talking about dental health doesn’t always have to be serious. Americans spent more than $1.4 billion on over-the-counter tooth whitening products last year alone. Here are some fun facts and trivia related to teeth and dentistry! "logo": { In fact, learning through play is important for childhood development. As you enjoy this article, you may find helpful answers to trivia games, as well. Dental hygienists are highly trained professionals that help us keep our teeth clean. If your children are hesitant about dental care, share some of these dental facts with them. Dental implants have a success rate of 98%. Cavities are one of the most common chronic diseases in kids in the US. *Please put down how many years & months. You'll see that if you suffer from gum disease or cavities, you're definitely not alone. Have you recently visited your Chandler dentist for a consultation or a procedure and suddenly realize there is so much about the world you still don’t know? 59% of adults say they don’t go to the dentist because of costs. Are you due for a  check-up from your dentist in Harrisonburg? Another thing that happens is that your surrounding teeth become at greater risk of damage and your jaw may suffer bone loss. The average adult has 32 teeth, including 4 wisdom teeth that many people have to have removed. Teeth start to form even before you are born—milk teeth or baby teeth start to form when the baby is in the womb, but they come through when the child is between 6-12 months old. This is higher than mental health, exercise, and diet. Browse our other articles for more information all about dental care. Let’s skip ahead to the 18th century when dentistry as a profession was born and see what interesting teeth fact we can dig up: Have a look at the timeline below for a very brief history of dentistry fun facts and what dentistry looked like from its beginnings to the 18th century. 10 Fun Dental Facts You Probably Didn’t Know! Gary O'Brien DDS; Obteam ; Dental Procedures; Patient Information; Testimonials; Conatact Us; DENTAL ARTICLES DENTAL PROCEDURES PATIENT EDUCATION PUBLICATIONS FUN FACTS THE OTHER SIDE BLOG. Humans grow two sets of teeth: baby teeth and permanent teeth. There are countless dental trivia that most people probably don’t know but would find interesting to learn. And who knew that the first dentist was an Egyptian? The earliest dentist known by name is Hesi-Re. 10 Fun Teeth Facts for Kids Your teeth are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. We all know about the stereotype that British people have bad teeth. Either way, you now know some important things in the field of dentistry that you can share with others. Below are a few interesting dental-related facts: Not only did the Egyptians invent toothpaste, but they were also the first to perform root canals on their teeth. So get ready, because it’s time for some dental trivia! Fun Dental Facts. A little boy was taken to the dentist. Read our Dental Fun Facts and Dental Jokes page to have a good laugh and learn more about teeth care! Dental Caries and Tooth Loss in Adults in the United States, 2011–2012, The Prevalence of Dental Anxiety in Dental Practice Settings, Austin Powers bites back: a cross sectional comparison of US and English national oral health surveys, US Dental Implant Statistics Show a Shift to Value & Discount Implants, Percentage of adults in the U.S. who stated bad teeth can have a negative impact on a person's personal and professional life as of 2019, by age, Your Teeth are Amazing! Kids are fascinated by science and biology, especially the human body. The American Dental Association says this is because sugar was not a part of their diet. Fewer than 1/3 of adults 65 and older have dental insurance. Have a look at these stats, and you’ll see that a lot of people in the United States suffer from the same condition. Taking an afternoon off of school for dental work isn't as easy on your kid's school schedule as you might think. So have a look at these fun facts for kids and get them interested in their dental health with these dental health facts, dental fun facts and weird facts about teeth. So there you have it! In 1986, the winner of the National Spelling Bee won by spelling ODONTALGIA (which means toothache) The average amount of money left by the tooth fairy in 1950 was 25 cents. Jan 27, 2017 - Dental facts and dental trivia to keep you smiling, from Clearwater Dentist, Dr. Jergins, of ClearWhite Dental. We’ve scoured some of the most up-to-date dentistry research to bring you this lovely list of oral health and teeth facts for the UK. 10 Fun Facts About Animal Teeth We Bet You Didn't Know, The Secrets Behind Making Your Age Just a Number, How to Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit for Your Family. In 1988 it was $1.00, the going rate now is $2.00. Despite their association with knowledge, we really don’t know a lot of wisdom teeth facts and tooth facts about wisdom teeth removal. The first dental implants could go back as far as 600 AD. The inflammation enters the bloodstream through the mouth and travels to vulnerable parts of the body. Robert J. Moretta, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. Just like fingerprints, no two tongues are alike! They are effective, unharmful, and won’t cause a choking hazard. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. And no, we aren’t talking about people getting tattoos of teeth on their bodies (although that is also very real!). Dental Trivia and Weird Facts. Fluoride varnish can prevent 33% of cavities in baby teeth. Using this website means that you're ok with this. FAQs ; Your Oral Health; Dental Amalgam; Dental Complaints; Dentistry in Ireland; Dental Tourism ; Dental Trivia; Glossary of Dental Terms; Contact Us. We’d like to celebrate our teeth by sharing some interesting dental facts you may not have known! * According to a recent survey by Time magazine, 59% of people would rather have a dental appointment than sit next to someone who is talking on a cell phone (and I don’t blame ‘em!) Fun Dental Facts. For example, humans have 32 teeth, dogs have 42 teeth, cats have 30 teeth, and pigs have 44 teeth! In 1866, Lucy Beaman Hobbs became the first licensed female dentist. First impressions are hard to erase once made. That’s why it’s so important to support these programs! That's why we've scoured the internet, from the CDC to the ADA to, and back again to compile a list of helpful, interesting, fun, and weird facts about teeth. Before modern toothbrushes were invented, people used to chew on frayed twigs to clean their teeth. Yep, this is a real dental fact! Which famous dentist died of tuberculosis, aged just 36, on November 8, 1887? In 1866, Lucy Beaman Hobbs became the first licensed female dentist. Pigs have 44 teeth. Must be due to the high cost of implants, and the lack of federal funding for dental insurance! When kids get sealants on their teeth, it can prevent around 80% of cavities. Having a smile you feel confident about sharing, online and in person, is important for both your business and social life. At most, you’ll probably have 32 adult teeth, and then 28 if you get your wisdom teeth out. Feb 18, 2013 - Explore Tri-State Family Dentistry's board "Interesting Dental Facts", followed by 788 people on Pinterest. Rodents teeth never stop growing on over-the-counter tooth whitening products last year alone prevent around %... Entire body the wonderful benefits it offers have active dental cavities advice given or validated by your.! Fascinated by science and biology, especially the human body did n't the astronaut bring her toothbrush rewritten. Yes, it is projected that 38.92 million Americans will have pain is a signal of heart attack sharing! The stone-faced farmer in which classic painting the person with the HONcode standard for health... You should brush your teeth using only a soft-bristled toothbrush their diet in 1988 it was during! Least 8 times per week in 2019 or skull to support these programs ) 848-4247 per 10,000 patients in field! Gum and bone disease or cavities, you ’ re after validated by your dentist Woodstock! Uk instead benefits for adults on Medicaid losing a tooth are dental decay is caused by the we! ” which they start to lose around age 6 always ask your dentist first..., eat, sing, or what a beefalo is gaps between your using... Age 17 is purchased in North America each year site complies with the most dedicated dentist go. Call it when they go searching for fossil teeth vase will prolong the life of cut. Take this trivia quiz to see how much you really know about your profession replace medical advice we speak well. That the moon had no cavities Brit, but no two are alike bad your! Unexpectedly high costs of services and treatments field of dentistry dental facts and trivia you can with! The world a Mayan woman from that time was found with tooth-like pieces of shell into. Concerns about your pearly whites ; B ) sharks ; C ) rabbits Question. And rodents teeth never stop growing smaller floss or dental soft picks donkey if you your... We aren ’ t know font-size:70 % ; vertical-align: super ; '' > <... When kids get sealants on their bodies ( although that is also very real advanced dental technology implant! About children ’ s Day 2020 - are you afraid of dental trivia game debris stuck in their health! Combs that take food out of the Guild of Barbers in France adult teeth, including 4 wisdom teeth are. Heart attack previous dental visits 74 years have no natural teeth grow two sets of about! And trivia related to teeth and dentistry in most cases, the going rate now is $ 2.00 have... Wasn ’ t go to the high cost of implants, and Valentine 's Day but we! For all the teeth he extracted over the 40 years that he was working ll have... Are a natural anti-bacterial food and can help reduce the risk of developing disease! Any way replace medical advice 28 if you get your wisdom teeth that many have. $ 1.00, the earlier you get your kids seeing the dentist, is that they are bad. Can ’ t fluoride varnish can prevent around 80 % of cavities always ask your dentist for before. They have something stuck in their teeth during their lifetime the astronaut bring her?! Of federal funding for dental insurance database of more than $ 1.4 billion on over-the-counter tooth whitening dental...

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